Take Action


How to get started on Twitter.

  • Join twitter.
  • Register a Twitter account here.
  • Download TweetDeck or HootSuite for desktop.
  • Both programs allow you to schedule tweets, so we can keep the #interncrisis hashtag going 24/7.
  • Download the iOS, Andrioid and other smartphone apps.
  • Create a search for #interncrisis
  • Say hello and let the conversation flow.
  • Remember to include #interncrisis in your tweets.
  • If you don’t wish to speak or you see something you like? Then Retweet it.
  • Target Australian Health Ministers, Local MPs, the Liberal party, the Labour party, (and every party in between) newspapers, TV channels, radio.

Some key people to message to get you started;

Don’t forget to follow @Med_Student_AT & @InternCrisis accounts, so that you stay informed.

Everyone can make a difference and has something of value to add the conversation. If you have any questions about how to use twitter, do not hesitate to contact the MSAT Team.

How to tweet a Politician: A Guide

Remember the key points already mentioned in other messages, but specifically for our politicians you need to know:

  • The Federal Health Minister has already come to the party to offer $10m to help fund the extra places, but states need to cough up $8m more (they refused). HOWEVER we can still ask Federal politicians from both sides to help apply pressure on their state colleagues.
  • The main problem is in NSW, VIC and QLD so focus your efforts there.
  • WA have been very supportive and have found the extra places (and more). Instead of confronting their state members, ask them for help to convince their colleagues in other states.

List of Federal Members on Twitter: http://mptweets.com.au/politicians/

And for the states:

Targeted Twitter Campaigns


  1. Q&A is on each Monday and we would like the #interncrisis to feature if possible.
  2. Tweet & email Peter Mcevoy (executive producer of QandA) to request support.
  3. Send questions to the QandA website. Put lots of questions in as web submitted questions.
  4. Make quick videos of yourselves asking a question directed to one of the guests.
  5. Follow the #QandA hashtag and raise awareness during the program.
  6. For more information on our Q&A campaign, read the full guide here.

Weekly Tweetathon

  • Each week on Sundays from 9pm AEDT (that’s 8pm for us Queenslanders) we will be running a tweeting blitz.
  • This is an opportunity to raise issues surrounding the #interncrisis and even offering up possibly solutions. The key issue is to get your voice heard.
  • In saying that continue with #interncrisis tweets throughout the week, this is just a standalone time for discussion and protest.


  1. Tell friends/family, basically anyone who will listen about the current situation.
  2. Join Medical Student Action on Training.
  3. Recruit your peers to the cause.
  4. Share your stories and experiences.

Promotional Pack

We have logos, posters, Facebook/Twitter profile images, an overlay logo for your existing Profile Picture and a Facebook Cover. Everything you need to promote the cause!

You can view all of the files here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.339937066102498.77153.338662702896601&type=3

Download all of the files here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x6poknkzgcgl9ob/b_FYGbihkk

PLEASE NOTE: Remember to be constructive, not destructive. AMSA and other stakeholders have worked tirelessly to help resolve the #interncrisis so we want to help their cause, not hinder it!