Tuan Tran – New South Wales

Tuan Tran – New South Wales

My name is Tuan Tran, and I came from UNSW, Rural Clinical School of Wagga Wagga. I came to Australia on 2001 as a young high school student. I still remember the first day in an Australian high school, young, shy and got no idea what is going on. I guess the first day for med school was kind of similar, young, perhaps less shy but certainly still have no idea what is going on. 10 years was a long journey for me in Australia. All the time I spent in this country has been a great blessing. I made great friends with my mates at high school, with colleagues at the hospital, and they all teach me a lot about medicine and certainly a lot about lives.

My life turned a new page when I came down to Wagga on a trip with a few friends. I found something that I would never expect to find down here. I found a home. Thousand miles away from home, I found comfort in living with the folks in the city of good sports. I found fun in sharing a cold beer with them after the Trail Marathon, a barbecue at the rural clinical school, or a friendly basketball game with the consultant on early Sunday. There was something just special about this city. It definitely has the ‘home’ atmosphere to it.

It is so sad to leave this town. But it was even sadder when you are even allowed to apply for the job. I tried to put my name down to apply to Wagga when they advertise the job, only to hear that due to my citizenship status, I am not eligible to apply there. Now, I am about to face the prospect of having to leave Australia. It is heart-breaking having to leave the place you call home. Being in the country for nearly ten years, I almost thought I could consider Australia my home. While everyone around me is celebrating their graduation, I know what I will be doing this Christmas, waiting earnestly in my mailbox, looking for an internship letter that perhaps may…

Tuan is still waiting to hear if he will get an internship. If you want to help him, please support the #interncrisis campaign.Take Action

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  • Kevin

    Tuan, thank you for your story! I hope doors start opening for you, all the best man!