Sara de Menezes – Victoria

Sara de Menezes – Victoria

As a 4th year international medical student at Monash University, the issues that MSAT are campaigning for are not only personally relevant, but will become all too real next year when I graduate. The study of medicine is a steep learning curve, not only in medical school, but for the rest of a doctor’s career.

The experience of internship will undoubtedly be a challenging one, though it saddens me that I may not have to opportunity to undertake this valuable experience. Two grim realities face not just international medical graduates but also the Australian graduates who may miss out on internships.

The first is that we spend an entire year (if not more) pursuing other avenues, when we could have been taking the essential steps in our training and careers to becoming competent medical professionals, and the second is that we may have to seek medical internships overseas.

The latter is frankly a daunting one, as we will have to learn the intricacies and culture of an entirely new medical system, as opposed to being able to practice in the one that we’ve spent 5-6 years of our medical school training familiarising ourselves with.

With every year that passes that the policies don’t change, the greater the number of graduates affected, which is what MSAT recognises and is trying to advocate for on our behalf. This is not just an issue surrounding international medical graduates. Having said that though, I will say this:

We want to stay. We want to contribute. Please let us.

Sara is a 4th year Monash medical student who will graduate in 2013. The #interncrisis is going to be a long term problem, and unless a solution is found she may not have an internship and will have to leave the country. Take Action

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Medical Student Action on Training (MSAT) is a grassroots movement by Medical Students Australia wide who have united to raise awareness and demand political action be taken to solve the #interncrisis
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