Haris Noor – Victoria

Haris Noor – Victoria

I remember first coming to Australia more than five years ago to begin my medical studies at Monash Uni, full of nervous energy and excitement for the future. It was fairly easy for me to adjust myself and the next thing I know, I was making lots of friendship and connection everywhere. These meaningful relationships hugely made my experience and study here special.

Throughout the years I have been dreaming of the future and conjuring up plans for my career. I find myself drawn towards Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care, and I have already begun to shape my medical experience towards this career path in Australia.

I then met my Australian partner two years ago and have been living together since then in a committed relationship. It was a milestone in my life that solidified my desire to stay in Australia permanently. The devastating news that I was not able to secure an internship for next year came as a shock and it plunged the future plan we’ve made together in limbo. I now shoulder a debt of $330,000 for my medical education but no means to clear this debt.

I am still jobless, and I refuse to even consider leaving the country and being separated from my partner as a choice.

Haris is still waiting to hear if he will get an internship. If you want to help him, please support the #interncrisis campaign. Take Action 

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Medical Student Action on Training (MSAT) is a grassroots movement by Medical Students Australia wide who have united to raise awareness and demand political action be taken to solve the #interncrisis
  • Yvette

    Good looking doctor! I wouldn’t mind seeing him in the Emergency room!


  • Gaya

    A very knowledgeable McDreamy too! If allowed would provide a great service to Australians!

  • Scott

    Haris is a medical graduate ready to work!

    He has been educated to Australia’s exacting standards and has trained in our hospitals and community health services throughout Victoria. He has experience and knowledge in our health system.

    Australia has been importing doctors who potentially have significant training & skills differences, cultural and language barriers and who are unfamiliar with our health system.

    Obviously we need senior doctors to fill many shortages but this has been going on for more than a decade now. That surely was only ever intended as a ‘knee jerk’ short term solution?

    Engaging Australia’s international graduates in intern positions now affords the best use of the investment that we have in these dedicated medical professionals and is the much needed long term solution.

    Haris is ready to complete that necessary intern year and continue to provide Australian’s with the highest level of professional health care that we have come to expect, even demand.

    Our universities turn out excellent medical graduates – – –


    Good luck Haris!

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