Blaise Wardle – New South Wales

Blaise Wardle – New South Wales

I have been studying at the University of Sydney for the past 4 years and have spent my clinical attachments mainly at Nepean hospital in Penrith.  Studying in Australia for the past four years has been a great experience, the medical education in this country is world class and Australia itself reminds me a lot of Canada but with warmer weather (and more snakes…).  I’ve spent three of the four years living in Surry Hills in the city and spent this past year living in Penrith.  I didn’t decide to study medicine until after completing a business degree and finding that I had no interest in a career in business and I’ve been delighted to find that medicine is something that I love as much as I thought I would.

After four years, Australia is my home.  All of my mentors are here, the people who have worked beside me during medical school have become my adopted family and the idea of being pushed overseas breaks my heart.  I want to stay and do my internship here because I have fallen in love with Australia.

My main area of interest in medicine is surgery, orthopaedic surgery in particular, but I’m also interested in the idea of working as a GP.  The location that I would prefer to practice depends on the path my career takes.  If I end up in a surgical specialty I would like to practice primarily in the city but would be interested in regularly visiting rural or regional hospitals that need specialist support.  In the event that I end up pursuing the GP pathway I would prefer to work in one of the areas that is crying out for doctors, it is tragic that so many people in Australia have to live in places without access to medical care and I would love to be part of the solution.

If I can’t get an intern spot my flight back to Canada will only go one way.  Fortunately I’ve invested lots of time and effort in preparing for and sitting equivalency exams for Canada and the United States so hopefully I would be able to match to a training program over there but that is far from a guaranteed job with only about a 50% rate of matching for international medical graduates.  If worst comes to worst I could declare bankruptcy and work as an overeducated painter or line cook.

My other interests outside of medicine are soccer – I’m a goalkeeper – and cooking.

Blaise is still waiting to hear if he will get an internship. If you want to help him, please support the #interncrisis campaign. Take Action

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Medical Student Action on Training (MSAT) is a grassroots movement by Medical Students Australia wide who have united to raise awareness and demand political action be taken to solve the #interncrisis
  • Sasha

    There are Australian Communities dying for young doctors like this. How on earth could the Government be this ridiculous? I honestly do not understand.

    Doctors become community leaders in regional areas. They are valued members of the community and coming from a rural background I know just how valuable these people are.

  • chung

    Dont lose hope. Be prepared for plan b in Canada. I wish they warned ahead of the incoming disaster. Wish Robinson planned accordingly earlier. If not Australia sure you will make it in Canada