Where are they now?

Where are they now?

It’s a great pleasure to be able to update everyone on the progress of some members of the 182. Many students were brave enough to share their stories with Australia and now we get to give the good news of where they ended up for their internships.

Some students have written to us to give an update on their progress. We can also announce that Esther Tan is now working at the Lyell McEwin Hospital in South Australia and that Haris Noor is working in Bendigo, Victoria.

Eileen Phuah

Dear MSAT,

Thank you so much for the updates and running this website. As one of those affected by the internship tsunami, I truly appreciate your effort in helping each and every one of us.

The outcome of my internship hunt is one bitter-sweet story. Bitter because the process was so traumatising and disappointing, but sweet because I ended up in a place good enough for me. I always believe that God puts us in the best place that He wants us to be.

As one of the 200 plus international graduates of 2012, I did not realise how worrying this situation was until December, where I was not offered any spots despite applying to all the states and New Zealand. The application process was tedious with each state stipulating different requirements and my referees were exhausted with the forms. The hunt for referees was not an easy task either, given our limited involvement with the team.

Alas, after all this effort and waiting, I was offered 3 internship spots – 2 state offers (Perth and Launceston) and 1 Commonwealth offer (Perth). I withdrew from ALL my application (NSW included) once the first offer (State Perth) came in as I knew that at that time, a considerable amount of students were still waiting for their offers.

As of now, it has been the fifth week since I commenced my internship in the Launceston General Hospital and many have asked why Launceston over Perth. While I have my own reasons, I am thankful for whichever offer that I am given.

I would just like to mention that I certainly do not wish upon anyone to have to go through what many of us did this year. There must be a better and fairer allocation in solving this issue.

Thank you.

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Blaise Wardle

I’m glad to say that after months of worry and many sleepless nights I received an offer of internship in Canberra. Unfortunately the offer came the day after I paid for my Canadian applications (almost $1000) bringing the total financial cost due to the uncertainty of an internship in Australia to almost $10,000. In case you’re wondering, I withdrew from the Canadian match and forfeited my application fees after accepting the job in Canberra. I’m ecstatic to be here although I miss all the people in Sydney who became so important to me during my time studying there. I hope that the experience we had last year serves to encourage the health ministers to work with the important stakeholders to develop a long-term plan for both internships and for the health workforce as a whole.

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