News Roundup: Not just an #interncrisis, it’s a #trainingcrisis

News Roundup: Not just an #interncrisis, it’s a #trainingcrisis

Although the first priority of the #interncrisis campaign is to find 182 extra internships for this year, we are also lobbying for a long term solution to training bottlenecks throughout the multi-year training pathway that all Doctors must travel after medical school. 2012 is just the tip of the iceberg.

Just some of the stories in recent days about shortages across the entire medical training pathway

Queensland: Doctor training squeeze spreads north

A SQUEEZE in clinical training places may have spread to Queensland, with the Australian Medical Association claiming up to 500 graduates have been unable to obtain training jobs next year.

However Queensland Health says most if not all are likely to find work once authorities work their way through a complex job matching process.

The AMA said hundreds of junior doctors – those in their second, third and fourth years of postgraduate training – risked disruptions to their careers after being told there were no jobs for them in 2013.

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Australian Doctor: Intern crisis to become registrar crisis (24/10/2012)

“This is a whole training pipeline … If there’s not proper foresight being put into planning for positions… the intern crisis this year becomes the registrar crisis next year,” he said.

It comes amid warnings that 260 doctors had failed to receive a first-round offer in the hospital medical officer (year 2) recruitment process in Victoria, and that a rumoured 400 resident medical officers in Queensland have failed to receive an offer of an RMO position in Queensland next year.

But doctors have condemned state and federal governments for failing to plan for the tsunami of medical graduates — which has grown from about 1500 a decade ago to more than 3000 today.

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Victoria: Doctors hit by training job shortage (13/10/2012)

A confidential Victorian document reveals that the careers of up to 260 doctors-in-training could come to a grinding halt next year because they have not been able to obtain supervised positions in hospitals.

Doctors say it is the first time they have seen a shortage of places for hospital medical officers, or HMOs, and warn the problem will spread to NSW and Queensland.

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Victoria: System in poor health: junior doctors left without work in training bungle (11/10/2012)

An apparent bungle has fed concerns that some trainee doctors in Victoria may miss out on ongoing positions in hospitals — at a time when the serious national doctor shortage has people worried.

Up to 200 trainee doctors hoping to plug Australia’s yawning doctor shortage could have their careers terminated by a bungle that has denied them ongoing positions in Victorian hospitals.

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AMA: Junior doctors and medical students call for urgent solution to medical training crisis (22/10/2012)

The AMA Council of Doctors In Training (AMACDT) “The broader medical training crisis is not just about intern training.”

“We are now also seeing general shortages of pre-vocational training positions emerging, with a reported 260 doctors failing to receive a first round offer in the Hospital Medical Officer (Year 2) recruitment process in Victoria and several hundred resident medical officers (RMOs) in Queensland failing to receive an offer of an RMO position with Queensland Health next year.”

“Health Workforce Australia has predicted a shortage of 450 first year specialist training places in 2016.”

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Medical Student Action on Training (MSAT) is a grassroots movement by Medical Students Australia wide who have united to raise awareness and demand political action be taken to solve the #interncrisis